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Why South Africans?

The history of the Netherlands and its people played a strong role in the earliest of European settlements, where one of these is of South Africa. Due to the mutual intelligibility of the Dutch and Afrikaans languages, as well as the fact that most South Africans can speak fluent English, South Africans easily adapt and fit into the Dutch working culture.


South African IT specialists

For South Africa to compete and trade its natural resources on an international scale it had to implement information technology systems that are compatible and on the same reliability level to that of first world countries. In general, most IT specialists from South Africa are exposed to a wide range of technologies, the best practices, training and educational platforms in addition to working hands-on in international companies invested in South Africa. Together with an entrepreneurial spirit needed for a consultant and a keen sense of adventure, it has proved to be a premium provider of skills outside of other European countries.

Current IT vacancies

We are continuously on the lookout for hands-on C#/.Net Developers, Java Developers, Front End Developers, Mobile Devs and BI Specialists to strengthen our team of highly skilled migrants. If you have more than 5 years working experience in either field of speciality, in combination with a degree Computer Science/Informatics or similar and looking for an international adventure, please send us your CV via e-mail to recruitment@entelect.nl.

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