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Fixx iT office staff

Team outings and Quarterly Meetings

Entelect Netherlands arranges quarterly team meetings, where everyone comes together to discuss what's going on at the company. This also gives some of the employees the opportunity to tell us more about the projects they are currently working on and to also just catch up with everyone.

Family day - Once a year we all get together with family for a day of fun-filled activities. This gives everyone the chance to get to know one another, and also to introduce your spouse to your colleagues. 

Christmas - We get everyone together at the end of the year and have a bite to eat before everyone heads off for the festive season. The Dutch don't usually take long year-end holidays, and would normally just take off between Christmas and New year - Summer holiday is a completely different story! 

We also have Friday afternoon drinks at the office, also known as a 'Borrel' in Dutch. This is just a way of ending off the week on a positive note.

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