Overseas Jobs | Working and living in the Netherlands

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Employee is being recorded during an interview

Applying for projects / "opdrachten"

Up to two weeks before your arrival in the Netherlands, we will start sending out your profile for potential projects. The projects are either directly at the client, or sometimes through a broker which means that Entelect Netherlands is a subcontractor. Should a client find your CV suitable they will invite you for a meeting to discuss your background and tell you about the project and company. In the majority of cases, this meeting is purely a personality fit and not so much focused on your technical ability. However, you should prepare for technical questions as well. Rather be over prepared than caught off guard! 

Preparation is the name of the game when it comes to “intake-gesprekken”. Some tips might seem obvious at first but when feeling the stress you can easily forget the basics!

Here is the most important thing to remember before you go through that door – they want it to be you! They want to know their search is over, so for the length of the meeting, the job is yours. So know that those first impressions are important.

The "pre-intake" (Interview)

The account manager from the broker might want to meet with you prior to the meeting with the client in order to prepare you for what to expect at the  "intakegesprek”, and also to tell you a bit more about the project. Utilise this meeting to your best ability as this might give you inside information for preparation. Please treat this meeting with the same importance in terms of conduct and dress code.

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