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Budgetting on a table

Budgeting when moving to the Netherlands



Estimated cost

Monthly Rental

€900 - 1300 per month for an 'Eengezinswoning', therefore a house comfortable for a small family with private back garden. Costs may vary accordingly.


Depending on the landlord you may need to pay either one, two months or up to 3 months’ worth rental as a deposit. Usually it is one month.

Estate Agent Fee

One times the monthly rental cost + contract cost (approx €250) + VAT. Therefore the first payment on a house of €1100 where the deposit is one month's rental will be in the region of €3500 in total as it will also include the first month's rental.

Rijbewijs (Dutch drivers license)

(if 30% regeling is applicable

to you)

 €25,80 per person for an Eigenverklaring (a health checklist that is required for you to be able to get a rijbewijs).

Approx €50 per person for the actual exchange of your South African rijbewijs for a Dutch one.

Set up of house – furniture, kitchen etc. – if gestoffeerd


Monthly groceries

Approximately €500.00 - 800 per couple

Internet / TV installation

Approx €50-70 per month depending on the package. A fee can be charged for the activation and/or the installer. Usually you can self-install for free. A package such as this includes TV, 35 Mb/s + uncapped internet and telephone services.

Monthly gas / electricity

Approx €100 for two people (depends on size of house, if its tussenwoning, hoekwoning etc). If you arrive in winter your monthly will be higher till the first jaarnota (end of year bill) as the bulk of energy is consumed in winter. The amount will then drop again once you start paying for a full year.


€40+ per quarter. Quarterly packages are available in some areas.

Monthly medical insurance

Approx €110 per person per month if you include dental.

Medical Insurance back pay

You will at least back pay to the day you register with the gemeente (municipality) but often to the day you arrive in the Netherlands. You can only get zorgversekering once your verblijfsvergunning has been issued. Therefore 2-3 months estimate backpay of approx 110 per person per month backpay. So if you need to backpay after month three to the day you arrived the first cost is 110 x 3 backpay + 110 for the next month.


Personal liability insurance (in case you damage anything by accident), glass insurance (houses in the Netherlands have very large, double glazed windows which will be very costly to replace in case of damage) and all risk home insurance can be bought for around €25 per month, all inclusive. Whereas the Netherlands has a comparatively very low crime rate, crime does still happen and this is recommended for peace of mind. Rental contracts often include this as a requirement.

Housing Tax

As mentioned earlier in this document, in most cases where you rent you will still be liable to pay the municipal taxes for rubbish removal and sewage. You will receive a bill directly from the gemeente.


These are the guys who are keeping the Netherlands from flooding, they build and maintain the dykes. It is a tax that every person in NL has to pay.  http://www.hdsr.nl/belastingen/

Extra costs with children

Child care for babies and toddlers can be very expensive. Average cost is €8 per hour at a 11 hours per day at some creches. Full-time creche can therefore vary between €1200 and 1800 per month. Children in school is not more expensive as schooling is paid for by the government. Extra-murals however can be costly; for gymnastics (per term) its 70 euro. Most of the vaccinations the government pays for too, and child grants are also a possibility. They are hungry creatures and naturally grocery expenses increase.


*Note that this is a guideline only and costs can change according to your choice of house / area and the Gemeente you reside in.

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