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Medical insurance / ziektekostenverzekering

Once you have received your VVR, BSN number and by law, you have to get a basic medical insurance (basis ziektekosteverzekering). A comparison website you can look at: www.independer.nl. The insurance you choose has to cover you for admittance to a sanatorium or psychiatric institution. Most have it included but just double check. Please be aware that your medical aid will be back dated to the day you arrived in the Netherlands and that includes the costs as well.  Recently we learned that for knowledge migrants they are only supposed to back date it to the date when your contract starts but the insurance companies are not always aware of this rule. 

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30% ruling

Once you have received your BSN number and you start your first work day at Fixx iT, then only can we apply for your tax benefit with the Belastingdienst. This cannot be done in advance as you need to arrive in the Netherlands first and have a BSN number. Processing takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Healthcare system

Everyone living or working in the Netherlands must have a basic health insurance package (basis ziektekostenverzekering). The national government determines what is in covered by the basic package.


There are 3 main banking institutions in the Netherlands: ABN Amro, ING Group, Rabobank. Before you are able to open a Dutch bank account, you should have no problem obtaining cash from an overseas account using an ATM or geldautomaat.