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Terminology about daycare

Once in the Netherlands, you'll notice some frequently used terminology.


‘Kinderopvang’ is  the collective term for the different forms of childcare when the child is not at home nor at school. Examples of ‘kinderopvang’ are ‘gastouderopvang’ and ‘kinderdagverlijf’ (crèche) or afterschool childcare.


This is the Dutch word for a crèche. This is where babies and toddlers are looked after. It can be for half a day or for full days. 


A ‘gastouder’ or ‘onthaalouder’ is somebody who takes care of children in their home. The children eat and sleep at the ‘gastouder’ and when they go to school this person will take them and fetch them. 
The most Dutch ‘gastouders’ are registered with a childcare organisation in their area. Because they are registered, you can apply for an allowance from the tax office to cover some of the costs. 

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Related subjects

Childcare facilities

In the Netherlands there are three main types of organised childcare facilities: Kinderdagverblijf, Gastouder and Buitenschoolse / Naschoolse Opvang - BSO (After School Hours Care). For the childcare facilities you can apply for a “kinderbijslag”.

Education system

From age 4 they attend elementary school (“Basisschool”) of which the first two years are similar to kindergarten, but as soon as your child turns 5 years old they are expected to show up daily.

Child allowance

When you life and work in the Netherlands, you may qualify for “kindgebondenbudget” or also called “kindertoeslag” which is a child support benefit.

Dutch language

If your child speaks Afrikaans it takes about three weeks to get used to the Dutch accent, thereafter your child should be able to deduce what is said to him/her if the speaker speaks slowly and with a few hand gestures.

Swimming diploma

It is compulsory for children to go for swimming lessons and to qualify by doing a diploma called “A, B, C” swemdiploma. It makes sense as there is so much water here in the Netherlands!

Medicines and Doctors

Immunizations are done by the Consultatiebureau. If your child has a chronical condition, ask your current physician to draw up a summary of his/her records for you to bring with.