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Visitor looks to the Nachtwacht in the Rijksmuseum

Introducing the Netherlands

Most South Africans come to the Netherlands for the adventure. For that, we've chosen some video's you might want to see about sightseeing in the Netherlands. More will follow in the upcoming weeks.


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Meetup is known as a place for open knowledge sharing. Workoverseas provides information about the latest Java, .NET, Front-end, BI and Fixxup Meetups in Amsterdam Area.


Canals. Windmills and Tulips. Oh and……….those coffee shops. That about sums it up right? Well, no - day to day living is as always, unlike a holiday brochure. To quote from Wikipedia: Dutch society is egalitarian, individualistic and modern. The people tend to view themselves as modest, tolerant, independent and self-reliant.

Connecting people

Be also aware that Fixx iT provides a Buddy when you're in the Netherlands. He'll help you get settled and show you around on a personal level.